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Finding a cure against cluster headaches

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Did you know that LSD and LSA have been proven to cure cluster headache patients immediately? Now, cluster headaches are at the top of any ache level – much worse than normal headaches or migraines. The frequency and severity of these aches affect the sufferer, as well as people around them.

Researcher Andrew Sewell conducted a study involving cluster headache patients taking LSD and the results were remarkable. In 88% of the patients the pain resolved immediately and what’s even more impressive is that 80% of the patients stayed ache-free for many months after a single dose treatment.Further LSA studies have confirmed the same tendency.

Cancer Drug Developed from Party Pills

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A team of researchers from UWA and the University of Birmingham in England are exploring the possibility of redesigning ecstasy, or MDMA, to treat blood cancer.

Previous research has shown that compounds similar to ecstasy kill cell-lines derived from blood cancers such as lymphoma, leukaemia, and myeloma. MDMA has been modified to eliminate the ecstatic sensation of high while at the same time their potency against cancer cells has been boosted more than 100 times.

Work is still ongoing to discover even more successful compounds and possible drug candidates.

Source: University of Western Australia